Theme - Leveraging Technology for better future

1.Vaibhav Mishra


he word "leverage" is defined as the exertion of force by means of a lever. When we speak of "leveraging technology", we are referring to the use of technology to make significant changes for a better future. Technology leverage is the ability to create increasing value with a stable or shrinking amount of resources, while at the same time increasing the ability to evolve at a faster rate....

2. Shreyas Pandey


EEE marks its 11th Annual Day as 'IEEE Day' and throughout the globe it is being celebrated with the theme "Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow". IEEE has such a global impact in various fields of Technologies and is one of the most Prior platform for the people of various domains to together and discuss, learn, share and invent Technologies and build a Better Tomorrow....

3. Pratik Kinger


ental Health has been one of the biggest concerns in recent years. Its high time we had acknowledged it. Suicide is among the top common causes of death in the world. The pervasiveness of social media and its easy access offers a new type of data for understanding the behaviour of those who take their own lives and suggest new possibilities in its prevention....

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